Fri. Apr. 28 BTen vs SLHS; GTen @ SLHS 4:00; BLax @ Hayfield 5:45/7:15; GLax vs Hayfield 6/7:30; VSB vs SLHS 6:30; JVBB vs SLHS 6:30; JVSB @ SLHS 6:30; VBB @ SLHS 6:30; Sat. Apr. 29 Crew @ Occoquan; JVBB vs W-L 1:30; VSB @ W-L 9 am
  • Girls Varsity Softball vs. South Lakes High School Win - Score: 5-1
  • Boys Varsity Tennis vs. South Lakes HS Win - Score: 6-3
  • Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Langley HS - Senior Night Loss - Score: 1-3
  • Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Langley High School Win - Score: 4-0
  • Boys JV Soccer vs. Langley HS Tie - Score: 0-0
  • Boys Varsity Tennis vs. Langley HS Win - Score: 6-3
  • Girls Varsity Softball vs. South Lakes High School Loss - Score: 3-4
  • Girls Varsity Softball vs. South Lakes HS Loss - Score: 3-4
  • Varsity Baseball vs. Washington-Lee HS Win - Score: 9-0
  • Boys Varsity Tennis vs. Yorktown HS Win - Score: 5-4

Game Summaries & Headlines


Goals by Maggie Cimino and Helen Frazier

On Tuesday May 9 MOD Pizza on Maple Street will host a Boys Soccer Fundraiser. All customers must present a printed or digital version of the flyer to the cashier for the team to r

Goals scored by Faith Bauer (1) and Anna Bookstaver (1)

Varsity(top 10 or so) results are posted under team files (4-5 Home Meet)

Goals by Faith Bauer, Elena Borrowman, Ella Busch, Helen Frazier, and Scout Sullivan-Fielding

Goals by Julia Leas (3), Maddie Cybulski (2), and Rachel Jackson.

Goals by Rachel Jackson (2), Julia Leas (2), Maddie Cybulski, Jeanne Ernest, Alyssa Romer, Bethany Bergin, Merrill Leak, and Hannah Ravejstein.  Shutout in goal by Emily Calhoun.  ...

Goals by Jeanne Ernest, Alyssa Serveiss, Merrill Leak, Julia Leas, Jackie Paredes, Faith Lee, and Rachel Jackson (2).  Shutout in goal by Emily Calhoun and Gabriella Jones.  Game ended with ...


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