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Director of Student Activities                                     John Kenny          

Assistant Director of Student Activities                      Andrew Baird       

Assistant Director of Student Activities                      Kirsten Stone        

Administrative Assistant                                             Polly Colwell                 



Fall Sports

Cheerleading (Co-ed) - Varsity, JV                            Samantha Korynoski ;

Cross Country (Boys & Girls) - Varsity                      Craig Chasse            

Field Hockey (Girls) - Varsity, JV, Freshman             Carrie Holman          

Football (Boys) - Varsity, JV, Freshman                     Justin Counts           

Golf (Co-ed) - Varsity                                                 Jon Eisman              

Golf - Girls                                                                 Stacey Reynolds        

Volleyball (Girls) - Varsity, JV, Freshman                   Christine Zanellato   

Dance Team    - Varsity, JV, Freshman                      Suzanne Mansfield  


Winter Sports

Basketball (Boys) - Varsity, JV, Freshman                   Kevin Roller                   

Basketball (Girls) - Varsity, JV, Freshman                   Kirsten Stone         

Gymnastics (Girls) - Varsity                                         Morgan Perpall      

Indoor Track (Co-ed) - Varsity                                     Craig Chasse         

Swim & Dive (Boys & Girls) - Varsity                           Andrew Foos          

Wrestling (Co-ed) - Varsity                                          Shawn Hutchison   


Spring Sports

Baseball (Boys) - Varsity, JV                                        Mark Gjormand   

Lacrosse (Boys) - Varsity, JV                                       Aaron Solomon   

Lacrosse (Girls) - Varsity, JV                                       Jean Counts        

Outdoor Track (Co-ed) - Varsity                                  Craig Chasse       

Soccer (Boys) - Varsity, JV                                          Randy Wood        

Soccer (Girls) - Varsity, JV                                          Devon Dowell       

Softball (Girls) - Varsity, JV                                         Jim Adkins                     

Tennis (Boys) - Varsity                                                Dick Gongaware           

Tennis (Girls) – Varsity                                                Stacey Reynolds           

Crew -  (Co-Ed) -  Varsity                                           Justin DeGaetano           



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